You Hardly Know the Benefit of Eating Lentils

Benefit of Eating Lentils

Lentils are a good protein medium but new research has revealed that weight can also be reduced. Eating 130 grams of beans, peas, rajma, chickpeas or lentils daily can reduce weight up to 340 grams in 6 weeks.

Despite knowing all the properties of lentils, people eat less or even eat it in small quantities.

According to lead researcher, we all need to increase the number of lentils in our diet. Especially given its weight loss properties.

The study analyzed 940 participants who lost an average of 340 grams of weight in 6 weeks by eating lentils. During this time, he did not cut any other things in his food, but only included pulses in daily meals.

This research advances previous researches about lentils in which it was found that eating fewer lentils can fill the stomach, which causes people to eat less and also leads to weight loss.

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