Women Make Home Their Fears About Sexual Relationships

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Sex does not just relax, thrills and pleasures, but also keeps some fears with you. Many men and women have different kinds of fears about sex. Especially among women, there is much more fear about sex. This is the reason that many questions and things continue to run in their minds during sexual intercourse. Let’s know what makes women afraid about sex.

  1. Many women shy away from having sexual relations with naked. Even after expressing the desire of sex by a partner, they are hesitant. They are afraid that if their partner does not find their body irretactive, then what will happen?
  2. Some women do not want pregnancy for a limited time. But they do not get pregnant in reality, so they shy away from sex. And when the fear of being pregnant in the mind, then they will not be able to enjoy sex. But with a condom, you can take away this fear.
  3. If the mail partner likes experiments and adventures during sex, then the female partner is frightened by thinking that if his partner tried something new and he did not like it or had pain, what would happen? If you refuse somewhere then he will not be angry? For this reason, a sense of fear and insecurity arises within the female partner.
  4. Many women are scared of what happens if their partner does not wear condoms during sex. And how can she tell him? For this reason, they will not have any type of infection or disease.

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