Why is the Desire to Make Relations in Women Come Down?

physical relations decreases in women

As the age of the woman begins to grow, her interest in physical relations also starts diminishing. There are many reasons like lack of partner, widowhood, symptoms related to menopause, poor health of the partner, and issues related to the relationship. According to a study published in ‘Menopause: The Journal of the North American Menopause Society’, the interest of women making physical connections regularly decreases with age, and women who enjoy physical relation after menopause The number is even less.

It was inspected in women, how in relationships, the intimacy, health, and psychological factors affect sexual intimacy among these women.

As age increases, sexual health challenges are common among women and companions to play a major factor in the sexual activity and satisfaction of women.”

“Apart from menopausal problems such as dryness in the inner part of the body and the pain during connection, they are identified as factors that affect sexual activity, due to the availability of effective medical facilities. Despite this, only a few women get treatment related to them. “

The researchers studied how and why interest in physical relations decreases in women during and after menopause.

Several biological factors were researched for the study such as sudden body temperature rise, decrease in sleep, dryness in the inner part of the body, and pain during physical connection.

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