Why is SEO So important nowadays?

The full name of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an important process for the success of any website or blog. It is almost impossible to succeed any website or blog without an SEO. SEO is a very important process of Internet marketing which is adopted by big e-commerce companies in the world. This is the SEO using which any website appears on the first page in search engines like Google, Yahoo etc.

What is SEO – What is Search Engine Optimization

The simplest meaning of SEO is to improve your website or post in such a way that our website or post starts appearing on the first pages of the search engine.

By searching various keywords in search engine, maximum number of people reach any website, that is, the main source of traffic of any website is search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. Out of the countless web pages on the Internet, the main task of Search Engine is to make the best web pages available to the user. In order to do this task, search engine bots or software are there which take into consideration various things or rules (Search Algorithms), the best web pages related to the words searched, the first pages of the search engine Display on.

Any website appearing in the first pages of search engine depends on many factors (SEO Factor). Such as website design, quality content of the post, relationship with the keywords searched for the post, how much people like the website or spend more time on the website, how to display the post, backlinks (Back-links) and many other reasons. Considering all these things (SEO Factors), improving or changing the website or post is called SEO.

How Search Engine Works

To understand SEO well, it is necessary that we understand how the search engine works. There are millions of web pages related to the same topic on the Internet, but when we type any Search Query into the Google Search Box, only the best results related to that Search Query are displayed on the first page.

The main job of a search engine is to scan the millions of webpages on the Internet and display the best results first and to do this, the search engine uses various Search Engine Algorithms (rules of ranking search results).


First of all, by searching bots or software, the entire information of every page is obtained by scanning the billions of webpages on the Internet, this process is called crawling.

Ranking and Indexing:

After crawling all web pages are indexed by ranking them in different ways. For ranking webpages, thousands of things like Keywords / Search Query, Country, Content Quality, Backlinks, Reliability, Relevancy (Search Engine Algorithms) are taken into consideration so that the best posts related to Search Query are displayed first.

Search Query & Search result:

When an internet user enters a query by searching for anything in the search, then the software of the search engine quickly displays the most relevant webpages among the previously indexed web pages in less than seconds.

Why SEO is important

Search engines reach the most visitors on any website. Therefore, it is very important for every website to appear on the first pages in the search engine.

In the search engine, the process of Crawling, Ranking & Indexing, Search Result etc. is very complicated which is done by the automated software of Search Engine. If a website does not use SEO, it becomes difficult for Google Bots (Software) to understand the webpages of that website and hence it becomes difficult for that website to appear in search engines.

Therefore, the main objective of SEO is to make your website Search Engine Friendly so that the search engine can understand the information on our website and display it in the search engine.

Can a typical Blogger SEO do – Can I Do SEO?

Search engine optimization of the website is not a big deal. From purchasing a domain name to what the quality of the post should be and how the post can be promoted effectively, information about all these aspects is easily available on the Internet today.

Anyone can use this information to understand SEO.

What is on page SEO

The process of On Page SEO involves all changes or improvements to the post or website such as creating good quality content, using long tail keywords related to the content and heading, giving attractive and suitable title to every page.

What is Off Paige SEO

Apart from the changes being done on the website under Of Page SEO, all kinds of tasks are involved such as link building for the website, social sharing, submitting your website to different open website directories etc.

What is Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO means search engine optimization in the wrong way. When a website wants to come to the top of the search engine incorrectly ignoring the rules of the search engine, it is called black hat so as to use unnecessary keywords to come forward in the search engine, fraudulently create backlinks etc. |

What is White Hat SEO

Search Engine adopting various methods of SEO keeping in mind the guidelines are called White Hat SEO.

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