What do you need to know of Cyberknife treatment?

The advancement of medical science and the introduction of new technology, devices and equipment have only made it easier for people of all ages and across the globe to avail top quality medical treatment and surgical options. India is considered to be among the few countries that offers high quality, affordable treatment to various types of diseases. One can enjoy reduced CyberKnife Treatment Cost in India

About Cyberknife surgical procedure

This surgical remedy is based upon radiosurgical principals and is considered to be a frameless robotic radio surgical system to deliver stereotactic radiotherapy to treat cancer precisely and accurately when compared to standard radiotherapy. Cancer treatment offered with this surgical procedure tends to use high and multiple radiation dosage, allowing precise targeting of the tumour by the doctors, but without causing any type of damage to the healthy body tissues. Also, anaesthesia or hospitalization will not be required for the procedure. What will be necessary is minimal post-operative care after undergoing the surgery.

Being a new form of procedure to treat cancer, it is quite uncommon and hence, a tad bit expensive. Rather, it is stated to be the only type of radiosurgery system that brings together a robotic arm, linear accelerator along with image guidance system. It is also well known for its unique abilities to target tumours and lesions alike, something that is otherwise tough to reach by the other types of radiosurgery systems. This is perhaps the only system to monitor continually as well as make necessary adjustments in real-time allowing easy patient movement even during the treatment process. Being precision it does target damaged region without actually affecting or harming the surrounding regions or tissues. 

About radiosurgical remedy and how cyberknife is found different from the other systems?

Although, benign tumours and cancerous growth are being treated by radiosurgery for over three decades now, it is still termed to be a new concept, much different from its counterparts. Tumours however, are not eliminated with radiosurgery. Rather, radiation is used in high dosage to stop active cell growth and destroy tumour cells. The linear accelerator produces multi radiation beam which is then directed at the body’s abnormal growth.

There are available various types of radiosurgery systems, with the most commonly used being modified linear accelerators and Gamma Knife. It does have a distinctive benefit over other available portions, of which one is great precision. Physicians are able to optimize radiation amount, which reaches the abnormal growth or tumour, thereby reducing exposure towards healthy organs and tissues. 

Availing cyberknife treatment procedures

It is mainly by two ways that cyberknife treatment tends to work. There is insertion of lightweight radiation delivery device within the multi-jointed robotic arm, allowing to reach the tumours effortlessly, located in any portion of the body. The second method makes use of image guidance system to allow tracking and allocating of the tumour by the Cyberknife therapy. Greater degree of precision is maintained with robotics and image guidance, which is found to be extremely useful to treat tumours located near critical structures. 

A major advantage offered by cyber knife treatment is that there will not be required any incisions, cuts, hospitalization or anaesthesia to perform it and to get successful results. This means the patient will be able to resume all activities immediately. The treatment is also taken in 1-6 sessions. It can be performed either on different days or the same day, depending upon patient convenience and comfort. 

What treatment is offered by cyber knife surgery?

Cyber knife system has managed to get FDA clearance to treat tumours that are located in any portion of the body. Benign and cancerous tumours are also administered with this surgery. It is possible to get treatment for all stages, right from I to IV (metastases). 

  • Brain cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Metastic liver cancer
  • Spinal cancer
  • Benign brain tumour
  • Blood vessel malformations within brain
  • Trigeminal neuralgia
  • Metastatic orbital tumours
  • Orbital inflammations (inflammation or tumour around the eye region)
  • Orbital lymphomas

Where this treatment is not possible?

Metastases or tumours of size over 3-4 c, where IMRT a type of radiotherapy is used for treatment, cannot be treated with cyberknife surgery. With CyberKnife Treatment Cost in India being low, patients from all over the world can now get immense relief and proper treatment.

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