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Cancer is such a dangerous disease, causing cells from any part of the body to be divided randomly. Cancer spreads from one part of the body to the other. Firstly, cancer in any part of the body is called the primary tumor. After that, the tumor in the other parts of the body is called metastatic or secondary cancer.

According to Latest News in 2018 – Actress Sonali Bendre being a cancer patient only points to a fact that diagnosis and action at the time are of great importance. Cancer is a group of many related diseases that occur when a group of abnormal cells starts growing arbitrarily. In this way often they become tumors. Tumors are either normal or fatal. Four major types of prevention are needed: vaccination, screening, counseling (lifestyle changes) and chemoprotection.

As all of us know about Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre revealed that she is suffering from high-grade cancer. Before that, actress Manisha Koirala and actor Irfan Khan had reported being suffering from disease. With these cases coming out, it is being emphasized that time is needed to get health check-ups from time to time at every level of life. At the same time, it is also necessary to create awareness about the prevention of such problems.

About 2.5 million people are suffering from cancer in India and more than seven lakh new cases are recorded every year. In all types of cancer, males and lung cancer and women have uterus or allies and breast cancer. It is the disease of almost 50 percent of all related deaths occurring in the country.

He said – screening involves a heterogeneous, unhealthy condition or risk factor. Initial prevention is the effort to prevent the disease from occurring, secondary prevention seeks to catch the disease and tertiary prevention is done in reducing the complications of the disease.

Dr. Agarwal said – If the cancer is detected early, then it can be treated at a very low cost. If people get screening as soon as the initial symptoms appear, then the fear of death decreases. Unfortunately, about two-thirds of cases of cancer are diagnosed in the last stage, thereby reducing the chance of treating patients and avoiding them.

He said – On time and on schedule, vaccination, drinking lots of water and other fluid helps in urinating in the urine in the urine, which can help to reduce the risk of bladder cancer. The most important thing is to get a habit of eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, which can help prevent diseases.

Cancer spreads like this in the body, these are the major symptoms

Cancer spreads from one part of the body to the other. Firstly, cancer in any part of the body is called the primary tumor.

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What is Metastatic Cancer

The cells of metastatic disease are similar to primary cancer. The term metastatic cancer is used for solid tumors, which have spread to other parts of the body.

These are the 4 main stages of cancer:

In the first and second stage, the cancerous tumor is small and does not spread in the depth of surrounding tissues.

In the third stage, cancer has developed. The tumor is grown and the possibility of spreading in its other organs increases.

The fourth stage is the last stage of cancer. In this, cancer spreads from other parts to its organs. It is called development or metastatic cancer.

How does cancer spread!

Cancer spreads in the body in three ways. Direct extension or invasion, in which the primary tumor spreads to adjacent organs and tissues. For example, prostate cancer reaches the bladder.

In the lymphatic system, cancer cells break down from primary tumors and move to other parts of the body. A lymphatic system is a group of tissues and organs that store and store cells by fighting infection and diseases.

Cancer also spreads through blood. It is called hematogenous spread, in which cancer cells break into the blood by the primary tumor, and with blood, reach the other parts of the body.

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These are signs of cancer

Common symptoms of cancer are weight loss, fever, loss of appetite, bone pain, cough or mouth clotting. If any person has these symptoms, he should contact the doctor immediately.

Common types of cancer in India

The highest mouth, breast, cervical, lung and prostate cancer in India is found in cancer. Of which 60 percent of cases are mouth, breast and uterine cancer. Although their diagnosis is easy, the entire treatment is possible only in the initial stage.

In India, most of the deaths due to mouth cancer are mainly due to smoking and tobacco. So do not smoke and take a healthy lifestyle.

Your doctor might recommend these measures to prevent cancer

You may feel a deep shock as you or the people around you know about the cancerous disease. A serious and deadly disease like cancer has created fear in people’s hearts. It is very important to live a healthy lifestyle to avoid this disease. The lack of nutritious in food and unhealthy habits create the risk of cancer.

The smallest unit in our body is the cell. The body contains 100 to 1000 trillion cells or cells. Every time a lot of cells are born and old and bad cells are also finished. As many new cells are born in any normal tissue of the body, the same old cells are eliminated. This way balance is maintained. This balance worsens in cancer. They continue to grow in the balance of cells. Bad Lifestyle and Tobacco, Alcohol-like things cause cancer by bringing changes in a cell’s genetic code. Let’s learn what to do to avoid cancer according to doctors’ advice.

cancer treatment

Do not eat tobacco

The main cause of cancer in our country is tobacco. In addition to smokers, its smoke-smokers (passive smokers) and those polluted air also increase the risk of cancer several times. Tobacco or pan masala chewers have mouth cancer more.

There are 45 types of carcinogenic substances found in tobacco. In Pan-Masala, flavor and aroma are added to the other ingredients, thereby increasing the number of carcinogens (elements of cancer). Gutkha (Pan Masala), whether tobacco or non-tobacco, both harm. Yes, the tobacco gutka is more harmful. A doctor advises not to use tobacco for good health.

Avoid Alcohol

Doctors say that if your diet is correct, drinking one to two drops daily is correct in terms of health. However, more alcohol can also be caused by cancer. Drinking excessive alcohol can lead to hazard, throat, liver and breast cancer. Drinking excess quantity of alcohol and tobacco intake increases the risk of cancer several times. Therefore, to avoid cancer, stop alcohol consumption.

Breast cancer screening

Breast cancer is the most common disease in women. Most women are unaware of their symptoms, so this disease spreads a lot. It is, therefore, necessary to keep checking it. It is not that this disease is only in elderly women. Young women can also be victims of this. Therefore, breast cancer should be checked regularly. You can also do this test yourself. If there is any lump or abnormality in the breast, contact the doctor immediately.

Pap smear check in women

This is an inexpensive, simple and definitive test to check the diagnosis and probability of cervical cancer. In this, the cells are taken out of the uterus by inserting the spatula and sampling them and they are examined. Every woman has to be tested for every two years since marriage for three years.

Reduce carnivorous food

International Union Against Cancer (UCC) found in the study that people with high fat intake have breast, prostate, colon and rectum disease. Studies lasted for 11 years in Germany found that people eating wage were less likely to have cancer than common people.

The cancer was the lowest in those who had not eaten non-veg for 20 years. More enzymes take more time to digest meat. For a long time, without digested food, make acids and other toxic chemicals in the stomach, which promotes cancer.

Protect against viruses and bacteria

Human papillomavirus can be cervical cancer. There are ways to avoid it – take care of relationship and cleanliness with the same partner. Helicobacter pylori that cause ulcers in the stomach can also lead to colon cancer, so it is necessary to treat ulcers on time.

Have a healthy diet

Eat fiber-free stuff like fruit, vegetables, and cereals made from trees. The anti-oxidant elements present in it play an important role in destroying cancerous chemicals. Diverse vitamins present in vegetarianism increase the immunity of the body and cancer cells do not cause disease due to fruitful growth. Eat less pendentive and processed foods. Eat less ripe things over a high flame.

So, to avoid a deadly illness like cancer, the doctor might recommend these remedies. With this, you should also improve your lifestyle. Make exercise part of your everyday life. This will keep you healthy and the muscles will get stronger.

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