These Myths About Periods That You May Still Believe

period myths and facts

In the days of the Periods, they are discolored by pouring water into the plants, they are forbidden to enter the kitchen, the temple should not go. Because the girl is considered unclean. Apart from this, exercising and eating some things are also forbidden. But today I did not understand that the period is a normal process, that a woman has to go through each month. But in our Indian society, it is treated as a disease. The period is considered impure. So today we will know about some myths associated with Periods and the truth associated with them.

Should not worship during periods

In a country like India, the myths are still spread that they should not worship at the time of Periods. At the same time, they are not allowed to go to the temple, participate in religious activities and even go to the kitchen. That’s because women are considered unclean during this time. But believe it is absolutely wrong. The God who gave this nature to women can be impure by the touch of a woman.

Women cannot be persecuted during periods

It is believed that women can not conceive during periods. But this is a myth because it is difficult to conceive during pregnancy but it is not impossible. This is because men sperm can live in the vagina for about 5 days. Therefore, if the unprotected sex is created during periods, the possibility of pregnancy does not end.

Pickle pickles during periods get spoiled.

This is the biggest myth. Pickles are spoiled by touching only with water soaked. How do pickles know that women are getting periods, yes-yes-yes?

Exercise should not be exercised during periods

If you have a habit of exercising then you can exercise in your periods too. Exercise helps in the smooth flow of blood and oxygen in the stomach to remove pain and cramps. According to a report, exercise must be done for 150 minutes or less than 75 minutes per week. Yes, it is strange that some women suffer from excessive pain in periods due to which they can not exercise.

A period should end in a week

Every woman’s body is different and she works differently. Therefore, the bicycle is different in everyone. According to the changing age, changes in this bicycle continue to occur. Some women have fewer periods, then they have more days.

The blood coming out in the period is dirty

Although it is different from the blood flowing in the nerves, the blood released during the period is normal too. In this blood from the vagina, fragments of blood and proteins formed in the kidneys are due to the tissue, cells and estrogen hormone of the vagina. All these things are stored in the first kidneys of the period. Because they are not needed, therefore the periods of the period are exited from the body in the form of blood.

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