These Are that Superfood will Fill in Sex Life

sex life

Various confusions and concepts about sex and sex life are prevalent. Everyone wants their sex life to be full of adventure, but they are not very aware of it. The size of oyster, fig, and banana resemble the sexual organs and hence they are considered to be erotic. But do you know about that super food whose consumption really increases with the adventures of sex?


This brown color was a favorite of Cleopatra, known for his beauty. It has also been considered as a libation in history. Most of the artists used to represent fig leaves in their nude painting to cover the genitals. This fruit is rich in mineral, fiber, and vitamins.


As the surface was grainy and beautiful, due to the many seeds contained in it, it was seen in the old time by adding fertilizer. Due to the size of the red color and the heart, it was considered the symbol of Venus of the Goddess of love.


Soft and 8-inch tall, then why is it not considered as erotic? Potassium and Vitamin B are abundant in this, thereby increasing the production of sex hormones in our body.


This fruit of juicy chicken is also considered to increase the desire for sex. According to research where there are anti-aging properties in it. At the same time, it is also effective in preventing the loss of tissues in women’s genitals.


Because of the size of the vagina, the Roman people considered it to be erotic. Some scientists believe that the abundance of zinc and iron contained in it is effective in increasing the level of testosterone.


Scientists believe that a chemical called phenethylamine in chocolate produces the same feeling inside us, which we feel when we have love.

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