These 10 Things Of Daily Use Are Making You Sick

things that make you sick

Most people feel that there is nothing dirtier than the toilet seat, but you will be surprised to know that there are some everyday things that are dirtier than toilet seats and deadly for health. Maybe. Our lifestyle includes many things we use every day. These things can prove to be harmful to our health. Know, what are the things that you can do.

Smart Phone

In today’s era, smartphones have become the biggest need for everyone, but do you know that your mobile phone can have more bacteria than toilet seats? Yes, germs and bacteria on mobile phones may not be visible to you, but your phone can give you problems related to diarrhea and stomach.

Key board

The keyboard of your computer or laptop can also make you sick because it has 200 times more bacteria than your toilet seat. In such a way, you can get sick by eating and drinking without using a keyboard.


The pillow which sleeps on your head every day, the pillow can make you sick and also break the sleep of the nights. Actually, pillows also have deadly bacteria, like toilet seats, most of which are donated to our body.

Remote controlled

The TV’s remote control is a device that touches all the members of the house. Sometimes the remote control stays on the bed or falls to the ground. In this way, a lot of bacteria that spread the disease come to it. By repeatedly touching the remote and without washing hands, bacteria enter the body and cause disease.


Many people touch rupees with their hands in the day. Due to so many hands passing through, many harmful bacteria sticks in it. According to research, there are approximately 3,000 different types of bacteria present on a note that can reach the stomach through the mouth through hands and make you sick.


Most people use purses or wallets while leaving the house. Many times we keep the purse in the shop’s counter, bathroom stalls or car seat, which has a lot of bacteria on it. Through these purses, these bacteria can make you sick by entering your body.


How many people do not use ATMs throughout the day, due to which many bacteria begin to grow on every button of the ATM machine? If these bacteria come into contact with any of your wounds, then you may also have an infection.


The sponge which is used to clean dirty utensils, in that sponge, the toilet seat is 2.5 million times more bacteria. Actually, sponges stay wet for a long time, so it can also be dangerous for health.


In the morning, you can also present restyle bacteria on the same brush as the brush you brush your teeth. Actually, whenever we use a flush, the toilet bacteria come into the air by its force. If you keep your brush in the same bathroom then these bacteria come on this brush.

Soap dispensers

The soap dispenser you use to wash hands can also make you sick. There are so many bacteria on soap dispensers engaged in public toilets that if they reach the body you may also have a stomach ache.

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