The Sex Drive of Women with Such Face is Very Strong

sex drive of women

Experts in research claim that people’s personality tells about their sex power. According to this research conducted at the University of Canada, the men who have a face in wide and squire shape, have sex power goals and are much more than men with the tricolor face.

The women whose face is wide but small, their sex drive is also very strong. According to this research, testosterone sex hormone present in the body affects people’s sexual atitis and psychology. Even face shape, life and puberty are affected by this.

This research was completed in two parts. In the first part, 320 people were included, who asked questions about sex. In the second part, 145 people were included in the relationship which is in the relationship.

These people were asked questions and answers about sex and personal behaviors. The photos of people’s faces were also included in the research so that the face size of the students can be known. After that, the results were told that the face of people’s face tells everything about their sexual behavior.

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