Summer Tips: 8 Easy Home Remedies to Beat the Heat

how to beat the heat this summer

Summer is at its peak at this time. During this season there is hot wind blowing, so the risk of heat stroke remains. Heat stroke is a form of hypothermia, in which the body temperature increases by a bit, which keeps people at risk of becoming unconscious, but some domestic home remedies can save you from this lu.

Coriander seeds

Keep the seeds of coriander soaked in water for 3 to 4 hours. Then grind them in the same water, afterward filter them with a muslin cloth and mix some sugar or honey in the water.

Mango tree

The raw mango prepared from ordinary mango is a great way to avoid Lu. By taking it, the coolness increases in the body, so that the sun’s rays do not cause harm to the body by leaving the sun.

Tamarind water

Soak 10 to 12 tamarind grams for half an hour in water. Now take the tamarind seed and drink sugar in the remaining water and drink it.

Energetic drinks

Always leave some arsenic drinks before leaving home. Do not skip breakfast in summer. Take out the bottle of water while you are on the go. Continue drinking water a little later.

Raw onion

Make sure to eat onion as a salad with a meal in the summer. Raw onion is a great way to escape from Lu.

Cold fruit intake

After three or three hours drink something or drink something. As you can eat watermelon, cucumbers, and melons. All of these fruits are very helpful in protecting the lo.


Glucose consumption is very important in the summer. Children in the day and people living in the sun should eat 2 glasses of glucose water. Also, drink lemonade as much as possible. Never come out of cold water when you come home from bright sunshine, nor sit straight next to them. Drink water only after 10-15 minutes when the sweat becomes dry.

Make the body cover

Try fewer in the sun. If you have to leave, take the umbrella along with you. Leave your body covered by cotton with coats. Doing this will reduce the heat to the body as well as save your skin tanning.

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