Smoking During Pregnancy Increases The Likelihood Of Miscreasing

Smoking during pregnancy affects

Smoking is very harmful to health. Smoking does not only affect the health of a person who smokes but also the person sitting beside the person who smokes, has many health-related diseases. Drinking cigarettes during pregnancy is highly harmful to pregnant women.

Smoking mothers not only suffer problems in childbirth, but distortions can also occur in their children, meaning that smoking affects the unborn child. Do not smoke during pregnancy. Let us know about the effects of smoking during pregnancy.

Pregnancy and smoking

  • Smoke in pregnancy can weaken memory and it has an effect even after pregnancy.
  • Smoking has a negative effect on the normal person, but children whose mothers who smoke cigarettes in their pregnancy, children grow older due to obesity.
  • It has also been proved in research that compared to women who do not smoke during pregnancy, children of smoking women are at increased risk of high levels of fat in adolescence.
  • When children of smoking mothers reach adolescence, more than one-third of them get more fat in the body. That is, one of the main reasons for obesity in adolescence is to smoke mothers during pregnancy.
  • Actually, when mothers smoke in pregnancy during pregnancy then a lot of nicotine gets collected in the body of the child. The effect of this is seen after the birth of the child.
  • The poison of smoking spreads in pregnant women so much that even after delivery, its effect is seen in mother’s milk, which is harmful to the child’s health.
  • Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of childhood subsequent heart disease.
  • According to research, children of pregnant women who smoke, later the risk of developing heart diseases increases by 15 percent. If you have any disease, Book an Online appointment with peerless hospital Kolkata through Internet.
  • During pregnancy, the mother not only calls for illnesses but also gives birth to her children before birth so that pregnant women should not smoke. Due to the consumption of it, the child may also develop a disorder in the lungs and Drug abuse also increases the risk of childhood cancer in children.

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