Size of this Part of Girls Open the Pole of Relationship

this Part of Girls Open the Pole of Relationship

Often people have many myths about women, sometimes men always live with these myths while some are skeptical. However, researchers also say that women’s hips tend to spread more after childbirth.

In this research, researchers have considered 36 centimeters ie 14.2 inches size or more big butt in big hips, while 31 centimeters ie 12.2 sizes or less size is considered as small size hips.

To get the right results on this research, 148 women aged 18 to 26 were surveyed. Not only this, the largest part of the hips and the narrowest part of the waist was measured. Researchers at the University of Leeds found that the women who did more one-night stands also had larger hips.

Researchers also found that in every four, three women whose sexual partners frequently changed their hips were 2 centimeters or 0.8 inches larger than the rest.

According to Professor, the lead researcher of this research, women who have larger sex partners than larger hips has easier birth process rather than women whose hips are smaller than 31 centimeters. According to the professor, the probability of injury in the process of giving birth to a child in women with large hips also decreases.

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