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rheumatologist in indore

rheumatologist in indore

Who Is Rheumatologist?

Rheumatologist Arthritis is a branch of medicine dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Arthritis is mainly involved in restricted meanings: Joint pain, stiffness in joints, Swelling in joints, and damage to joints. Rheumatic disease covers more than 200 different diseases, which occur on various types of arthritis, osteoporosis and systemic connective tissue diseases.

Know Why Is Joint Pain and Things Should Keep in mind.

Joint pain is taking the form of an epidemic. Young couples are now on target. Before that, the joints of the joints increase further, be alert beforehand. Indraprastha is telling about the causes of joint pain and treatment.

Joint pain has now broken the restrictions of age. In today’s situation, it is not wrong to be given the term pandemic. There may be many reasons for pain in joints, including different types of arthritis, bursitis, stretch, sprain, injury etc. Due to hard work. Knee pain is the most common. After this, cases related to pain in the shoulders and hips appear.

Nowadays 80% of Indians living in cities have found a deficiency of vitamin-D, which is a major cause of pain in joints of many problems of bone. In the last two decades, the problem of osteoarthritis has increased rapidly in the country from thirty to fifty years of age. Every year about 15 million new people are getting into it. Twenty to 25 per cent of people are suffering from musculoskeletal disorder or stroke, which is a major cause of joints pain besides muscles. Adults who work incorrectly while sitting late, are struggling with problems like cervical spondylitis, in pain in the shoulders and neck joints. According to the latest figures, women are battling three times more joint pain than men. After menopause and kidney transfusion, the bones of the women become weak due to lack of estrogen hormone in the body of the women. Due to lack of vitamin-D, calcium and protein, the density of bones are less common in women. That’s what we call osteoporosis.

Women who have had a cataract or have become menopausal, they should take one tablet Vitamin D for the week. Calcium tablet should be taken daily. To avoid stones, calcium citrate mallet should be taken instead of calcium carbonate.

How do your joints pain?

The cartilage layer is formed on the tip of the joint of every bone in our body. It is a group of soft connective tissues such as smooth, rubber, which acts like flexible padding and helps in twisting and folding properly. To keep the cartilage healthy, the body maintains secretion of thick, smooth, oily variety on it. Due to deterioration of cartilage, cartilage starts to rub or increase the amount of thick secretion that keeps its lubricating, causing pain and swelling in the joints. If the bones are rubbing together, swelling begins to occur around the joints, and often their size starts deteriorating. This condition increases the pain in the joints. The hands, feet, spine, or joints on which the body weight is high are more prone to it. In normal circumstances, this is what we see as a type of arthritis (osteoarthritis) as osteoarthritis or bone rheumatoid arthritis.

High spicy food and excessive intake of alcohol also make attacks of diseases like arthritis easier. Due to these things urine becomes less or more in the kidneys. The level of uric acid increases. Gastric pains are made by accumulating in the crystal joints of uric acid.

To avoid any problems of joints, it is important to keep body weight under control. If cartilage is badly destroyed then it is advisable to do surgery. Artificial knees work for 15 to 20 years if the weight is in control. In this context, the correct age for knee implants is 60 to 65 years.

Homoeopathy can also help:

This method is sometimes surprisingly useful to get rid of joint pain. Joints, especially arthritis, are also caused by genetic factors. In such a situation, after knowing the history of diseases of the parents’ lineage, the choice of medicine on the basis of the organizational structure of the patient’s body can be of great benefit. According to experts, if there is enough comfort in keeping the snow in the pain of a patient’s joints, then some doses were given on the difference of three to four days of Homeopathic medication, LD-200 can be of great benefit. One advantage of homoeopathy is that if this method is treated properly, then the genetic effects of diseases like arthritis end.

Special attention to food and drink

‘Nutritious food is important, but avoid heavy meals.

Consume plenty of green vegetables, the body will be able to get antioxidants. ‘Keep in mind the appropriate amount of protein besides replacing Vitamin D, Vitamin-K and calcium.

‘Eat plenty of salads before the main meal. Do plenty of use of sprouted grains.

Avoid eating more ‘junk food’.

‘Fatty things eat less and high protein content. It is better to get protein from soybean.

‘Must have breakfast in the morning. Do not stay hungry till late.

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