Physical Relationships During Pregnancy, keep These Things in Mind

Physical Relationships During Pregnancy

People have a lot of fraternity about making a physical relationship at the time of pregnancy. People have their opinions on this subject. However, some people believe that sex should not be done during pregnancy. Some other people say sex is normal. If it is seen medically, it is normal to create physical relations at the time of pregnancy. There is no harm to it. Just need to take some precautions. Most of these couples do mistakes while having sex during pregnancy.

Sex is more dangerous in the last months of pregnancy. At this time, couples should avoid sex because this can start labor beforehand. Doctors should avoid sex in the first trimester of pregnancy. Because it is important to time for embryo development. At this time the female’s placenta is implanted against the upper part of the uterus. In such time, the connection between the nerves can be damaged.

It should be noted that there should not be a connection between the WOMAN position at the time of pregnancy. Many couples have sex in missionary positions. There is pressure on the woman’s stomach. Placenta connects itself to the upper part of the uterus. But in some cases, the placenta is lying unexpectedly in the uterus, covering the front of your cervix or covering it. This condition is called placenta privia. In such a situation, having sex can prove to be dangerous for the fetus.

Actually, men often get excited during oral sex. From their mouth, the air can go into the vagina. Thereby causing the condition of the air ambulance. Which can be harmful to the woman’s cord.

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