Never Try to the Spirit of Manhood, these Positions Can Be Devastated Life

position for sex

The more important it is to have sex in sex, the more it is necessary to adopt the position of sex. Regardless of the number of positions, you may have to make sex, but every position cannot be right. There are some things you can have trouble with. You have to know about many types of sex positions and many times have been tried too. But sometimes it happens that you try to do a tough position for the trip, you do something wrong. You know there are some similar sex positions that you do not forget even try.

Waist break bridge

In this position, the man will have to turn his body like the first bridge. In this great work, your female colleague will have to come close to you while taking advantage of the opportunity.


To trace this position, you will lie on one side of the other side of the leg and then execute the program.


You have to sit in this position, your partner will have to come to you, then you will put on one another such stresses, like how-to-rope.

Poisoned position

Most of your female partners will have to put one hand down on the corner of the bed and your feet above the bed. His second hand will be on your shoulders.

Angari bird position

Lie down on the ground and take your knees like this, as some yoga masters do. Then your female partner will sit on you.

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