Minimal invasive aortic valve: How replacement is the best option?

Aortic Valve Replacement

With the introduction of advanced medication and minimal invasive aortic valve replacement methods and techniques, the surgical approach taken by the best aortic valve replacement doctors in india towards treating aortic valve disease is improved significantly. Now, painless and quick recovery can be enjoyed even by frail and elderly patients, who can return back to their families in just 2-3 days on completion of the surgery. Aortic valve is termed to be a one-way valve which opens right into the Aorta. It is considered to be the primary ‘pipeline’ coming out of the heart.

Two basic problems which might affect its function

  • On the spectrum’s opposite end, the same valve could be found to be ‘leaky’, not closing properly as the heart reloads between contractions. Thus, the heart’s pumping action becomes all the more inefficient, since a large part of oxygenated blood which gets pumped forwards within the primary pipeline is likely to leak back within the heart. The condition is termed as Regurgitation or Aortic Valve Insufficiency.
  • In case, the heart fails to open properly, then it is likely to struggle against resistance that is offered by stiff and closed valve which again impairs the heart’s ability to empty out while contracting. This condition is stated to be Aortic Valve Stenosis.

A small percentage of younger and elderly population across the globe is found to be affected by severe malfunctions of aortic valve. Minimal invasive aortic valve replacement can be real life saving feature and should be undertaken before it gets too late. But before going ahead with the replacement, it will be essential to know why and how these pathologies can be addressed to by minimal invasive aortic valve replacement.

The Indian cardiac surgeons are found to make use of the latest techniques and methods and no more use the age old splitting of breast bone technique (median sternotomy). Blood transfusions are also not required among surgical patients. Previously, these old methods were found to cause disadvantages like more wound infections, slow wound healing, more postoperative bleeding and pain, slow surgical recovery and poor cosmetic results combined with 12” – 14” midline scar from neck base to bottom of breast bone.

If the recommendation by the doctor is to avail aortic valve replacement, then the above are few of the reasons why this approach needs to be taken by the patient.

Why undergo minimal invasive aortic valve replacement?

  • There will be no cutting any of the bone parts. Tiny space is opened through the incision between two ribs. It also heals quite well. There is also not caused any kind of infection corm this procedure.
  • There is no pain faced by the patient. Local anaesthetic is injected in small amounts between the ribs to make the procedure incision pain-free. After completion of the procedure, the patients can wake up completely pain-free.
  • There also is experienced very little bleeding. Bleeding is avoided by this approach that is otherwise caused due to cutting of the bone through larger incisions that were previously used in the old type of surgical methods. Also blood transfusion will be required by very few patients after undergoing the minimal invasive aortic valve replacement procedure.
  • It does assure quick recovery. Even frail and elderly patients will be able to lead a normal life within 24 hours of completing the procedure and two days after can be discharged to leave for home.
  • It does offer amazing cosmetic results. as there is not much cut and only tiny two inch thin scar on the chest’s right hand side. The person will be able to enjoy wearing a blouse, evening gown or an open shirt without any worry. The tiny scar is likely to be fully out of sight. Hence, it can be termed to be an accurate, precise and safe way to avail heart valve replacement.

Those eager to avail this procedure should immediately contact the reputed and the best aortic valve replacement doctors in india to seek proper remedy. It is very much essential to be very specific as to why minithoracotomy will be required. Getting second opinion will also help to ascertain undergoing the procedure.

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