Microneedling for Acne Scars

Acne scars are generally happening due to marks in the pores of skin. This might happen due dead cells, oily skin or blood infection. The skin pores get scattered and break over the skin layer.

Cracked skin layers have to be poured with some medication, so that the dead cells can be overlayered and skin can be seen normally.

Laser treatment is the primary treatment people generally follow to get treated against acne. However, there are alternatives available in the cosmetic world i.e. microneedling. Its an innovative peddling marker-based treatment to fill the pores of the skin and re-layer it.

What is Microneedling treatment?

The skin layer gets removed and healed allow fresh cells to overcome and glow the skin.


A very small surgery is required to remove the top layer with penetrating the several depths. The removed top layer takes time to heal to allow healthy cells to grow and glow. Consult skin doctor in Gurgaon for best treatment procedure.

Is Procedure Painful?

Generally, the layer removing process is painful. However, during treatment, many creams get applied to smooth the penetration effect.

How many microneedling sitingis required?

It takes two to three sittings for the treatment in three to four weeks of time. And for the purposeful result up to five sessions may require.

Any side effects?

Generally, there are no side effects of the treatment. But, sometimes during penetration the pores becomes swelled and takes a days’ time to settle back.

Post treatment stability

There is no special care required before to be in daily routine, in fact you can be in your regular work from a very next day. Precautionary maintain safety from direct sun light rays or extreme cold water for couple of days.

Tenure of treatment

The treatment long lasting’s remain for a year but subject to exposure to sun light, dust particles, extreme cold water, local beauty products. 

Treatment cost

The treatment needs a pre-assessment with the patient to understand the treatments level and post discussion the many treatments packages can be offered basis on per session charges or a fully package fees. Payment mode can also be configured like debit card, credit card, wallet payments etc.

The treatment can be used for treating open acnes, dark skin spots, stretch mark, large pores, collage stimulation, pigment issues, active acnes largely spread on face, neck, arms or chest.

Laser treatment v/s microneedling

Microneedling treatment is a simpler way of treatment however Laser is a complex way. Laser is high cost consuming and as compared to Microneedling is a cheaper way of treatment. Lasers target to a specific area to treat in the skin, such as cracked skin region or dull spots, without effecting unaffected tissue. On the other hand, microneedling is the mechanical method of covering thousands of small portions of effective area and apply to all over a treatment area that force the skin to heal.

Summarised- Microneedling is a best treatment option to target a large skin area in less cost and highly effective fruitful results.




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