Men Intend to do all this with their Partner While Being Intimate!

sex with partner

Sex bonding is a key role in bonding between two people in the relationship. Although sometimes there is a communication gap between sex, partner’s interest starts decreasing. It often happens that the expectations of a man are something from his partner but he can not say due to pressure. Here’s what men want during sex …

Female partner encourages men to take initiatives for sex. They want their partners to initiate as many as possible in this case.

Even when the female partner tells them about their likes or dislikes, men also like it. They want him to give them feedback too.

Men do not like dirty talk or overacting during sex, although a little bit of dirty talk can be run. Also, it is possible to remove excessive sound too.

It is important to show the partner’s passion during sex and accompany it. Sex like a burden can be a big turn-off for men.

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