Masturbation is killing Upto 100 Peoples Every Year, Cause Reason!


Many questions about masturbation are in the minds of people. Some talk candidly about this issue and some people take the silence. But there are some things that you will also be surprised by knowing. During masturbation, many people resort to porn movies or XXX to get excitement. But there are some people who sit in such a manner during masturbation that leads to death.

According to a report, about 100 people die in Germany every year after doing masturbation. Many deaths, during masturbation, people do such things, they lose their lives. About 80 to 100 men die from these movements during the masturbation process.

According to reports, a man in Hamburg was wearing an envelope on his head during masturbation so that his excitement increased. But this is the reason for his death. A person was connected to his chest with electric wire to generate arousal in his body through electricity, which led to his death. In Germany, one or two deaths occur every year on one million people in the country.

According to the German Tabloid magazine build, one person died due to suffocation in the basement of his own house. In fact, it is only in the face of death to get arousal in the face of death. A record named ‘Legal Medicine’ was a record of 40 such deaths from 1983 to 2003. Many people suppressed such cases because of fear of family defamation on account of masturbation because of a family death.

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