Learn From Digital Learning In Competitive Examinations, Learn How To

Competitive examinations of engineering and medical for the new generation are now important for creating a career in new areas such as genetic engineering, robotics etc. Apart from becoming engineers and doctors. Therefore, the challenge of preparing children for competitive examinations of these areas remains in front of the parents. With this, the last two to four years of the school are extremely important in the journey of students.

Prior to joining the engineering and medical competition, students need to pay special attention to the syllabus from classes 8 to 12 in the school. Given these challenges, the digital media has made the most significant changes in the direction of preparing children’s schooling and competitive examinations.

Coaching centers work in a room with hundreds of students sitting on a teaching model. In the coaching center, the possibility of personal counseling is limited to eliminate any student’s personal dilemma. But the digital medium has given a new dimension to this side. With the help of technology, each student can take the help of teachers present throughout the country to overcome their dilemmas.

Indeed, the ability to accept a topic or chapter is different in each student, and the digital medium is able to provide help to students by accurately assessing them due to their interactive side.

The challenge was to parents in front of traditional education, how to send their children home, from city to state or to get effective education outside the state. At the same time, when the girl’s education comes, then the challenge of security outside the home becomes the biggest obstacle. But the digital world has done the job of connecting teachers and students with technology. Preparations for school and competitive examinations based on traditional education material also got a new dimension.

Once again, the same institution came to the top in adopting the changes in the education system, which had kept its iron between the students in the traditional system. Sky Educational Services Limited laid the foundations of e-learning platform Sky Digital while adopting these changes. Akash Digital is now making the Blackboard-Classroom more effective while roaming the 30-year mastery of the Sky Institute in technology. The students present in the small cities are prepared to complete the preparations for class 8 to 12 examinations and Olympiads through digital medium, including JEE, NEET.

For all the school level competitive examinations, Sky Digital has prepared three major solutions-

First: Aakash Live – Through this solution, Sky Digital is offering you room class coaching at home. In this digital coaching class where you are attending with the ease of the house, you avoid escaping from house to house for coaching. You can also use the remaining time to read in your Daily TimTable. In this live interactive classroom, the experienced teachers of the sky teach students and remove all their dilemmas with the “Raise a Hand” feature in the live classrooms. Apart from this, in case of dilemma, you can get help from the phone after class or through the same Sky Forum itself, to overcome any dilemma. Sky faculty tries to solve your dilemma / questions as soon as possible.

Second: Aakash iTutor – Through Sky iTutputers, you can strengthen your preparation for competitive examinations with the help of recorded video lectures. The special thing is that these videos are constantly available to you. If you are in a dilemma, even in the late night, with the help of phone, you can overcome your dilemma. Apart from this, the specialty of this solution is that you can make preparations while taking help of the sky iTituter based on your comfort and speed. In addition to the lectures, in order to strengthen your preparation on this platform, Test Tests, Mock Tests, Past Years Papers, as well as Sky Test Series are available to test your preparation.

Third: Aakash PracTest – Apart from the Live Classroom and Lecture Databank, the third solution of Sky Digital is very important for students’ preparation. Through this solution, students get personal comparison with students who have topped them in the online practice test.

The special thing is that these three solutions can be obtained at very low rates from the cost of the education material from traditional medium. At the same time, these solutions can save your precious time as well as avoid the costs and hassle of traffic. So, now the parents also have the option of not sending children in a vulnerable environment in a tuition and coaching classes competition.

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