Know the Reasons that Constrain Women’s Organs

orgasm in sex

In one survey, it was revealed that 85 percent of women could not experience orgasm in sex. Because of that, sex becomes a matter of pressure rather than pleasure. Some women also play a pseudo-organism to satisfy their partner. But this can not even be called better sex. For Healthy Sex Life, you should know the reason that obstructs the orgasm.

By taking drugs

Consumption of drugs increases prolactin levels. It is a protein which decreases the desire for sex, which causes difficulty in experiencing orgasm. Eating blood pressure, antidepressants and birth control pills affects your sexual ability and you get dryness in the vagina. Due to which there is pain during intercourse and the orgasm is not received.

When under pressure in sex

When your body comes into contact with your partner’s body, then there is tingling in the body. Due to which your vagina gets wet and your breath gets brighter. Then there is a sound from the mouth. But when you are not excited when your partner’s body is pressurized on your body and there is no sound from your mouth, then reaching the organum can be very difficult.

Not drinking enough water

Drinking water all day can be avoided everyday health problems like fatigue and constipation, and it can also help you in the bedroom climax. Doctors believe that to reach the organs, there is a need to slip in stimulating tissues which are further connected to the connective tissues. In the absence of liquids, these tissues are not able to become smooth, due to which there is no realization of the organism.

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