If You Want to Increase your Weight, Consume Banana in This Way

consume bananas to increase weight

Usually, you have heard the elders say that if you want to gain weight, then banana should be consumed daily. We are telling you how you should consume bananas so that you can get rid of thinness as well as help in increasing weight and strength. Come, know the effective home remedy of banana …

1. Eating two bananas per day provides a full supply of all vitamins.

2. Drink lukewarm milk after eating two bananas in the morning, the person eating the banana daily is always healthy, eating a banana with peeled or spotted, the thin peel is more beneficial.

3. If two bananas are eaten daily after a meal, then these food are digested well and also increase the strength, it improves digestion power.

4. Mix one teaspoon of ghee, one pinch of ground cardamom in a glass of milk, now eat one piece of banana and sip one milk of milk. Thus, eating two bananas regularly makes the body shapely, fat.

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