If you have a Habit of Sleeping Soon after Eating, Change it

Habit of Sleeping Soon after Eating

Some people go to sleep immediately after having dinner. If you do this too, it will increase your extra weight. There is also the problem of indigestion with increasing abdominal fat. According to the doctors, there should be a difference of at least two hours between dinner and sleep.

It is necessary to walk for 15-20 minutes after ten minutes of eating. One should not lie down immediately after eating food, sit for a while, then go on a walk. Indeed, the body’s metabolic rate slows down at night. This makes the body take more time to digest food.

In such a situation, high calorie, fat and spicy foods should be avoided. Eating heavy food just before bedtime can also cause problems like gastritis and heartburn, so dieticians recommend keeping dinner light.

Eat food items like soup, lentils, bread. Coffee should not be consumed 2-3 hours before bedtime. Milk can be consumed before sleeping at night. It is also helpful in sleeping well.

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