If Men Masturbate Incorrectly, They Can Be Harmful

Men Masturbate

There was a time when masturbation was considered a sin, but in today’s modern environment its definition has completely changed. Yes, masturbation today is considered a safe means to satisfy your sexual appetite and to feel sexual pleasure. Masturbation does not have any side effects, but if you adopt wrongly in it, the consequences can be serious.

Many times married men who stay away from their wife masturbate. Teenage is the most likely to initiate masturbation and in this case, teenagers feel like masturbating again and again during the day. Normally men use their hands to masturbate. But sometimes masturbating incorrectly or excessively can also be costly.

Many times, men think of experimenting with themselves when they are alone at home. They use a vacuum cleaner, pipe, or any pit item to achieve the feeling of sexual intercourse, which is very harmful. It has a strong stretch of muscles in the muscles and the swelling starts on the penis. It can also cause wounds.

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