How to manage stress

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“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” -William James.

Stress is how your body responds to an undesirable situation. It is when there are limited resources to complete unlimited tasks. There are overwhelming emotional, mental, and physical responses. Anybody, at any age can be affected by stress: From teenagers to adults to elderly people. Extreme stress can be over-stimulating, affecting individual productivity, health and lifestyle deeply. Job related stress can prove to have extreme consequences

Why do we feel stressed? 

The human body releases stress hormones: This happens during a troublesome experience such as an accident, increased workload, loss of a loved one, etc. 

Stress is your brain’s response to a peace-threatening situation. 

Apart from your relations professional and personal, it has badimpact on your immune system/health. The most common reasons for stress are

  1. Other’s high expectations from us – when we are expected to achieve what others want us to, we feel under pressure and gradually it makes us feel stressed
  2. Our own expectations from us – when we set unrealistically high expectations from ourselves and we are unable to meet those expectations, we feel stressed.

This means that the first step would be to get rid of expectations, both external and internal.

How can we manage stress? Although much of stress is subjective and individualistic, there are a few ways that you can make use of regularly to minimize stress. 

Set realistic goals: Goals that are unrealistically high create extra pressure and reduce your capacity to work. You have unlimited potential but make sure of the time and other resources at hand before setting goals for yourself.

Meditation and mindfulness:Deep breathing is the key to get over stress: Meditation reminds you that everything is temporary. Focus on yourself. Focus on the good things. Be positive. Deep meditating every morning can certainly help you feel relaxed and reduce stress and anxiety. Meditation is proved to be enormously helpful for most people and also helps in practicing mindfulness.

Do regular self-care routines:Self-care is the most beautiful way to shower and pamper yourself. We often tend to crave love from others or from secondary sources. 

Self-care solely depends on individuals, but its principal focus lies along the lines of doing things that can help you feel better. Retail therapy, dancing to your favorite music, or spending time with your friends and family, do the activities you adore. 

Cut yourself some slack: Maximum stress is caused due to trying too hard. Take things easy. Live in the moment. Most of us often tend to be rather difficult on ourselves. 

Start by accepting situations as they are. Take each day at a time. Forgive yourself for all the mistakes you make and try to think from another perspective. Learn to let go of the past and try to focus on the positive aspects of your life. 

Physical Exercise: Exercising is the key to calming your stress-releasing hormones. 

Investing your time in working out regularly can help relieve stress and make you feel good about yourself.Working out also helps to boost confidence. Compulsory morning walks for fresh air. Get a pet. Go on walks and jogs. 

Practice gratitude! It is important to practice gratitude. Be thankful for everything you have. Never compare yourself to anyone else. You are unique. Learn to be happy. Your happiness should not depend on anyone else. 

Benefits of professional help: Well planned/customised program for you to. One is able to manage stress better. Guidance can help you seek mental and emotional health. Step by step guidance on taking personal efforts to fight stress. Job-related stress is a serious issue and must be addressed by identifying the stressors and managing them.

Seeking help and learning effective tools from an expert can help one manage stress in the ways that – one can be aware of stress inducing triggers, and either keep away from them or face them positively to make life better.

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