How Admission24 helps you to select the best preschools in Gurgaon

It’s easy to observe that innovation in almost every aspect of life, from technology to education, is ever increasing in our world today. It was about long decades ago that there were one-room schoolhouses with a single teacher instructing students of all ages. Looking back on our education system of the last hundred years, we can easily see how far we have come. We can only imagine what the future holds for the students of tomorrow.

The evolution of education can be supported by the research and drive for going above and beyond, the fervor to improve learning, and the encouragement and passion to think outside the box. The object of education is to prepare the young in order to educate themselves throughout their lives. Several researches shows that play is an integral part of that education. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many classrooms.

Teaching only for evaluations and tests has become the theme of many lessons and consequently has also become an increasing amount of classroom disasters where students are expected to sit and be instructed on every move. The concept of best preschool in Gurgaon hence comes into being and helps to make the kids grow more than just sit and listen education but play education. 

  1. Sanfort Play School and day Care Faridabad

SANFORT school is located in DLF Colony Sec-14.SANFORT. Through their diverse experiences the children become acquainted with the world and their natural curiosity leads them to investigate further, solve problems and realize their potential in a variety of subjects. Young children are prompted to play in a wide range of playing experiences: symbolic games, role playing (socio-dramatic games) as well as structured’ rule based games.

2. Intellitots Preschool 

This particular pre school has an exclusive focus on the pivotal early grades for children from 18 months- 6 years. This playschool for kids cherish each and every moment of  achild’s developmental process in their growing years. The curriculum of this particular pre school allows the children to discover themselves. The learning program of this school is dedicated to pre school and nursery kids. As, the child learns, explores, discovers their potential, their creativity through fun and play under the supervision of trained and dedicated teachers. This  is a place where learning is made fun for children.

 3. Footprints preschool 

The choice of a play school is an early decision in every parent’s parenting journey. Since the foundation laid in the early years is extremely crucial, so is the importance of choosing the right preschool. In this preschool, the staff are extremely committed to the holistic development of the child. They also have  a scientifically developed curriculum and bunch of passionate teachers who leave no stone upturned in fueling a love for learning for the child, that stands him or her in good stead throughout life. They also have day care and creche facilities which similarly aims at providing not just a safe physical space but also an opportunity for the child’s mental and emotional development. The fact that parents across the country count on us as their childcare partner is our biggest testimonial. 

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