Healthier marrows: Bone marrow transplant and its necessity

Some conditions and diseases are quite serious, which require proper treatment which in itself is a complex procedure. A very complex procedure when it comes to treating different genetic and other conditions is bone marrow transplant. Not only is this process expensive, it is extremely delicate and is subjected a lot to chance. A lot of factors come into play to make a bone marrow transplant a success and hence when it comes to availing a treatment of this nature, one has to make sure that one looks up the best bone marrow transplant hospitals in india and get their treatment done from there.

What is bone marrow transplant?

BMT or Bone Marrow Transplant is a process where cells are taken from one’s bone marrow and then they are filtered and given back to the person in question or to another donor. These cells are known as stem cells which are extremely important for our body because they help in the production of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Basically, if our stem cells do not function properly then our blood will get affected.

There are actually two ways, as hinted at before, of getting a bone marrow transplant done. Suppose there is a patient who needs a BMT. Some stem cells from a particular region of their body has been affected or infected or are damaged and hence they need to be replaced. In such a case, what can be done is that stem cells from another region of the body can be taken and replaced. This is a process in which the donor is the patient. However, when the stem cells have been affected beyond repair, then an external donor is required from whom the stem cells may be taken and harvested and then transplanted. The process of finding an external donor is a rather complex one because a lot of factors come into play. It is believed that the best external donors are the siblings and not even the parents of the patient. Generally external donors are found within the same blood pool. However, in some cases other external donors have been found as well.

What are the benefits of a bone marrow transplant?

Well a BMT is done for various reasons. Some of the diseases which can be effectively cured and addressed with the help of BMT are leukemia or in layman’s terms blood cancer, aplastic anemia when it turns severe, lymphoma, myeloma, tumor cancers and some disorders related to our immunity system. These are quite complex and life threatening diseases, which if not addressed within time might lead to serious issues which might even prove to be fatal.

So, what is the basic principle of a BMT that helps to overcome such fatal diseases?

For starters in case of diseases like leukemia and of the sorts, the blood cells and the stem cells get destroyed. When replaced they can give a full and fulfilling life to the patient.

It is very important for the stem cells to have good immunity. When BMT is performed, the body receives a fresh batch of cells, which help in making sure that the immunity of these cells are extremely high and they are not affected by chemo or radiation.

This also helps in genetic disorders from rearing their ugly head again if the transplant is being done to treat a particular genetic disorder related to the stem cells.

Sometimes when someone receives high doses of chemo or radiation to treat cancer, their stem cells get very badly affected. In order to prevent that, a BMT transplant has proved to be extremely useful.

Availing treatment in India

There are quite a few very good bone marrow transplant hospitals in india and hence getting treated here is not a problem at all. Well trained doctors can treat one with ease when it comes to this process. The success rate of BMTs is quite high as well. Quite a few numbers of people often undertake medical tourism to India to avail a BMT here.  

BMT has been in use since 1968 and has helped a lot of patients fight cancer and other disorders related to blood. Do not be afraid, you can go for this process when you have expert doctors guiding you and doing the procedure!

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