Go Immediately if You Feel Urine, know What is Urology?

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Delay, neglect, negligence, and lack of information often lead to serious health problems for us. One such issue is the feeling of urination and delay in its disposal. Giving information about similar problems.

Our body is a very good work of nature, which keeps on alerting us from time to time for every task it needs. One such process is the feeling and discharge of urine. Many times we are in such a situation that even after the alarm sounds, we are not able to complete this process, that is, we stop it even when we feel it. It does not matter if it happens sometimes, but if you do this often, then it can definitely eclipse your health.

Kidney stones may occur

The habit of stopping urination for a long time can make you prone to problems like irritation and swelling in the urinary sac, kidney or urinary tract. Doing so is very harmful to the kidneys. This disrupts the functioning of the kidney and affects its performance. Minerals in urine can collect and form stones in the kidneys. Due to this, there is a possibility of kidney stones or infection.

Possibility of urinary tract infection

Although there are many reasons for this infection, keeping urine for a long time also increases the risk of urinary tract infection. Controlling the intensity of urination for a long time works to increase bacteria. Although the research does not confirm this, doctors agree with this and advise not to do so. People who drink less water also have a fear of it, because in such a situation the urine bag does not indicate the intensity of urination to the brain. Bacteria spread through the urinary tract and cause infection. In such a situation, you may have problems with urination, pain in the pelvis and lower abdomen, smell in urine, changes in urine color, bleeding.

Pouch may stretch

Holding the urine for too long causes the urine to stretch. Due to this stretch, the intensity of urination is not normally resolved. Sometimes, to overcome the problem of urination, even catheter measures have to be used. Best urologist in Kolkata – Prolonged urination is fatal in many cases.

Leak becomes a problem

Pressing urine for a long time damages pelvic floor muscles. These muscles keep the urinary tract closed so that urine does not leak. Loss of this muscle causes urin infection. Pelvic floor exercise is very effective in getting rid of this problem.

Pain can become a partner

People who often ignore the urge to urinate and become active only when they feel pain in the urine sac are at increased risk of urination. Such people have to suffer from severe pain during discharge. Muscles are partially pulled after urination.

Alarm bells

If you take more time to urinate, then suppose that it can cause trouble for you. Urologist Dr. Anil Jain says that this process of women should start immediately and complete in 20 to 30 seconds and in 40 to 50 seconds for men. It is unusual to take longer than this. If you do not feel lightheaded after this procedure, it is a sign that your urine bag is not completely empty. This is also not a common symptom. If you feel less urination, first of all make sure that you are drinking enough water throughout the day. If the amount of water is sufficient, this problem can also be a urological problem.

When do you feel

It is important to know when we feel urine and how long it can be stopped. According to Dr. Jain, after collecting 300 mL of urine in the urine sac, we start to feel the first desire for its discharge and after collecting 400 to 500 mL of urine, we start feeling an intense desire to urinate. When this happens, stopping it for a long time is like feasting on many problems.

You are normal

8 hours of the night is for sleeping. A healthy person goes to urinate once during this period. Urination before going to sleep and after waking is counted in the day. If you are repeating this process three to five times in the remaining 16 hours, then you are completely normal.

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