Girls Studying in College must keep these things in Mind

how to prepare for college life

Girls are second to none in any field. But in the new college, many problems are faced such as ragging, making new friends, making your timetable, etc. The biggest issue in all of this is listening to adult’s adult sayings and answering them well. You should know all these things …..

The one who proposes to you may ask how your X was, how many times the breakup and patch up happened. Prepare yourself for this.

College student knows everything, then why should it be related to periods. Not only do girls focus on periods, but boys also do it. Do not be afraid at all in this situation.

You may not have considered this at school time, but in college, children talk openly about it. In such a situation, anyone can ask questions related to it.

All types of students are found in college. If someone asks you this kind of question, then do not be afraid about this matter, but answer this question in a cool manner.

Seniors often play bands in college, they can crack non-jokes on you. In such a situation, you should be ready to understand their meaning.

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