Biting Mosquitoes will not be able to Come to you, these Home Tips!

Biting Mosquitoes

Even after the rains have passed, the mosquito outbreak is not taking its name. A little carelessness can make you vulnerable to diseases like dengue even in winter. Today we are telling you about those stray tips which can prove effective in warding off mosquitoes: ….

  1. Mosquitoes run from smelling clove oil. So mix clove oil in coconut oil and apply it on the body. This will not bite mosquitoes. This mixture of oils acts like odomos.
  2. Home smells like marigold flowers. Plant its plants in your home. The scent of marigold flowers also helps in warding off mosquitoes. That is, your house will be full of fragrance and mosquitoes will not come.
  3. camphor can be used to avoid mosquitoes. Burn a cup of camphor and keep it in the room. Mosquitoes run away from the aroma emanating from it. This recipe is the best and easiest.
  4. You can use lemon juice in liquid refills used to drive away mosquitoes in homes. All mosquitoes die from this. It can be used twice a week. If you want, you can apply lemon juice in eucalyptus oil on your hands and feet.
  5. Can smoke in the house with neem leaves. Do smoke in the house for half an hour once a week. This will kill all mosquitoes, while other insects and insects will also run away. Take care if anyone has respiratory problems at home.

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