Better Career in Travel and Tourism in India

tourism in India

In order to earn foreign exchange for any country, the area of ​​travel and tourism in India. It is considered as the best and most of the jobs in the world are also in this area. Millions of people are directly and indirectly associated with the Travel and Tourism Industry. According to the latest report of the World Tourism Organization, nearly 50 percent of the tourists coming to South Asia visit India. It can be estimated from this that there are many opportunities for employment in this area.

This industry includes services like Government Tourism Department, Immigration and Custom, Travel Agencies, Airlines, Tour Operators, Hotels, Airline, Catering, Guide, Interpreters, Tourism Promotion and Sales. From the travel and tourism industry to the international level tour operators are connected to the private travel agent.

Travel and tourism industry is all about providing business services, which are for those who are away from home, whether for business or holiday makers. People travel for fun, do the pilgrimage, travel adventures, and travel. Travel agents assess the needs of all these and try to provide services as best they can. How does the traveler decide, when and where to stay, how many days to stay, what the package will be, it determines a travel agent?

Travel companies make travelers aware of the laws and regulations of the country before traveling, the country they want to travel. In addition to the necessary papers, travel companies provide information about cargo, ticketing and passport information. Even though the pace of travel and tourism industry in our country is still slower than in other countries, it is expanding gradually.

Obviously, when so many people travel, if they do any purpose, they also need related and necessary services. For this, there is also a system of studies and training on every aspect related to this industry. The expansion of the tourism sector is becoming increasing day by day, therefore more and more people are also required to provide services.

Travel agencies and travel agents have the most important role in the travel and tourism sector. What are the essential things and things for the tourists and businessmen to visit, assess them and make arrangements accordingly? Many resorts and travel groups also seek the help of these agents for the promotion of their tour packages.

They take care of almost all the things related to the travel, such as what is the smallest and safest way to reach destination, what is the way to reach there, do you want some documents to go there, what is the best place to stay, currency What is the exchange rate, what is the weather there, what are the good places to roam there, etc. According to the interest, needs, and budget of the tourists, they have to manage the whole.

After doing three to six months of diploma courses in travel and ticketing, work can be done in any travel agency. Large travel agencies also train themselves and provide qualified youth with job opportunities here. Some agencies also keep the graduates with no experience after giving them duly training. Tour operators also have a different type of responsibility for travel and tourism. They plan tours for different places and arrange for travel and tourists visit. Tour operators need people who can bring their concept to the people and take the group to a special place.

Obviously, all of these should be good personalities, all the information about that place should be there, the art of explaining the curiosity and curiosity of the tourists should also be understood. Those who want to work with tour operators can do the course of the tourist guide and can provide services with a cameraman so that whenever the group wants to go again, demand it as their guide.

Apart from full-time courses in the Travel and Tourism Industry, short-term courses are also available. Bachelor courses are of three years and PG courses are of two years. Certificates and diploma courses are also done by many institutes. Some of the major courses related to travel and tourism are Bachelor of Tourism Administration, Bachelor of Tourism Studies, Master of Business Administration in Tourism and Hospitality Management, MA in Tourism Management, Diploma in Travel Management and Airport Management.

One-year short-term diploma courses related to travel and tourism are Airline Ticketing, Airline Ground Operations, Ground Support and Airport Management, Guiding and Scouting, Cargo Management, Airport Logistic Management, etc. After passing XII, certificate, diploma or degree course can be done. The minimum academic qualification for a PG Diploma course or PG level course is undergraduate. Students of any subject or stream can enroll in this course. There are bright opportunities for placement in this area. During the course of studies, job paths open for them. Aviation, tour operators, resorts, travel bpo, event management always have a demand.

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