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Spine infection

Spine infections can occur without any type of warning, but if a person experiences this condition, he/she should immediately consult a spine surgeon for fast diagnosis, timely management, and careful follow-ups. Spine infections like spinal abscess may be caused by a fungus or bacteria, obesity, poor nutrition, and a weak immune system. Theses bacterial infections are rare but include infections of

·        Spinal cord

·        The discs

·        One or else more than one vertebrae

·        Facet joints  

 However, the condition does not have any specific symptoms and can occur without any warning; it is difficult to diagnose. Some symptoms include

·        Acute fever and chills

·        Pain specifically in the neck or back

Types of spinal infections

Normally there are six types of spinal infections

·        Vertebral osteomyelitis- this mostly occurs in the lumbar spine and cause pain in arm or leg, weight loss, fever, a problem in walking or using hands and muscle spasms.

·        Discitis- this type of spinal infection is uncommon and can occur on its own or following surgery; some symptoms include radiating pain in several body organs, spine movement, chills, and fever.

·        Spinal epidural abscess- this infection is mostly found in the lumbar region, and it causes skin boils, weakness, pain in arm or leg, back pain,abdominal, bowel and bladder issues along with spine tenderness.

·        Spinal subdural empyema- it is a spinal infection which is rare and stems from an infection in any other area. Causes pain in leg or arm and fever.

·        Meningitis- this type of spinal infection cause swelling in tissues around the spine and brain. This type of infection spread quickly and cause severe complications.

·         Spinal cord abscess- this kind of spinal infection is caused internally in the spine and is also very rare; symptoms include back pain, fever, even a decline in spine function.

People more prone to spinal infections

There are people who are at high risk of these spinal infections. We have listed some risk factors for spinal infections:

·        Diabetes

·        Immunosuppression caused by chronic steroid use, alcohol,  AIDS, or cancer.

·        Drug abuse

·        Preceding invasive process or else spinal surgeries

·        Elderly age range

 Nonsurgical treatments of spinal infections

The type and duration of treatment of spinal infections entirely depend upon the severity of the infection along with the organism causing infection. The nonsurgical spine infection treatments include antibiotics and antifungal medications. The time you experience any of the above-listed symptoms, you should consult one of the best spine surgeons in India.


 Best spine surgeons in India

 Dr. Hitesh Garg having  14 years of experience

·         Performed more than 4000 spine surgeries

·        Using the latest  technology like as Neuromonitoring, O-arm, Navigation, modular operation theaters

·        Holds special interests in Spine Surgery,Cervical spine surgeries, Paediatric Spine Surgery & ScoliosisSurgery, Disc Replacement, Motion preserving spine surgeries, minimally invasive spinal fusions, Spinal Deformity corrections, Occipitocervical fusions, Artificial Disc Replacements, and more.

Dr. Vineesh Mathur having 28 years of experience

·         Member of the Association of Spine Surgeons of India along with the North American Spine Society


Dr. Navaladi Shankar having 21 years of experience 

·        He is an international trauma tutor

·        Holds expertise in Lower Back Pain and Neck Pain Treatment, Laminectomy,  Arthritis Management as well as Trauma Surgery.

Dr. Jawahar Pahuja having 20 years of experience

·        Renowned surgeon specializes in Trauma management, spine surgery, and Joint replacement

 When is surgery needed?

 In some cases, surgery is needed to wash away bacteria and infected tissue.Surgery is necessary when there is evidence of instability of the spine because of infection. In such severe cases, there is much weakness owing to spine infection, and surgery is required to get rid of the pressure on the spinal cord.  surgical options performed by Top 10 spine surgeons in India range

from merely washing out the wound and re closing to more extensive debridement along with the removal of tissues.

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