Abortion Will Not Lead to Swallowing, Many More Benefits

abortion in women

Nowadays, lifestyle changes and preferences have increased in cases of abortion in women. A research was conducted about this, in which very surprising things have come up. The research said that abortion can be prevented if women swallow sperm.

The research found that if pregnant women swallow seams, then their immune system is strong. Not only that, but it was also stated in the research that the seam helps to raise the fetus in a healthy manner. Research shows that men’s semen contains hormones and proteins and during pregnancy to strengthen the mother’s immune system Together they can be useful to fight health problems during pregnancy.

This research was done at the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands. In research, 234 women’s pregnancy history and oral sex habitats were compared. Researchers have revealed that by establishing unprotected sex, women conceive, but swallowing can also have many advantages.

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