A condom is not 100% safe for sex, know how?

risks of condoms

A condom was considered to be the best so far for safe sex. It’s easy to use so it is also the most popular. But a recent report has sent people’s senses. These proved to be five percent of condom failures of big brands. This figure is quite frightening. It can be estimated from how much the risk of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies increases.

To avoid safe sex and unwanted pregnancy, if you consider Condom as 100 percent correct choice, then be sure to In a recent investigation, 5 percent of condoms were found unsuccessful. Most of these cases do not suffer from condom pressure and leakages.

An RTI file was filed for the quality inquiry of the condom and other information related to it. For a month, samples of 411 condoms of all brands across the country were taken. The Sample Central Drug Testing Lab (CDLT) had its own. When they were checked, a sensational matter was revealed. Of the 411 samples, 22 condoms, i.e. 5 percent, failed in the investigation. The order of inquiry was given by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

Experts believe that “It is a big matter to fail in investigating the condom on such a large scale. Given the seriousness of the matter, the government should order an inquiry into this. “Another worker said that apart from the possibility of spreading the disease, family planning could also be affected. A doctor told that there is a great reason for the lack of a testing center behind this. Millions of condoms are used daily in the country, but for the quality check, there is currently only one institution.

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