6 Home Remedies to Get Instant Relief from a Cold!

home remedies for cold

Have you had a cold, who is not even taking names? So follow these tips given by us quickly. You will get relief in the problem of the cold soon.

  • If you have a cold, eat black pepper, jaggery, and curd. This opens a closed nose.
  • Drinking lukewarm water by boiling it every night at night will benefit quickly.
  • Boil dry ginger, pippali, vine’s anus and dry grapes in water until they are one fourth. Strain it and boil it after adding mustard oil. When the water blows in the air, cool it down. Then pour one drop of this mixture into the nose. Doing so will stop the persistent sneezing.
  • Add nutmeg, ginger, and saffron to the milk and boil it a lot. When halved, drink lukewarm. There will be immediate relief in cold.
  • Sprinkle seven-eight black peppers in ghee and eat them quickly. If you drink hot milk or water from above, the power to fight colds will increase and phlegm will open.
  • Mix cloves and ginger juice in betel juice, then drink it with honey, the cold will disappear.

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